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Wood Screws.


Simbles have selected a range of high quality, high performance wood screws.


Our countersunk, pozidrive, passivated woodscrews allow you to use up to 52% less installation torque compared to others own brand, High performace screws marketed by catalouge/website companies. We have had Independent real life comparrison tests from set builders and production crews who have used both our woodscrews and our competitors.


Our Screws have reinforced heads with self-countersinking ribs (under the screw head), Shank ribs below the head to reduce drive torque and prevent wood splitting. The screws are also produced with a long sharp "V" fluted point to capture chips that allow "close to edge" driving without splitting. The threads on the screws also have serrated teeth with a wax lubricant coating to allow faster, enhance insertion and give greater corrosion resistance.


Please Note: Not all Wood Screw sizes shown within the website may be available in-store, please contact the store to confirm availability prior to your departure if you wish to collect.

Product design & specification is subject to change without prior notification.

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