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Simbles "APEX" Taps & Dies




British Made Taps & Dies 


With over 67 years of experience on the tool industry, Simbles have developed one of the most comprehensive ranges of Taps & Dies in the UK.


Our range includes Metric (Coarse & Fine), BA, BS Brass, BS Cycle, BSF/BSW, BSPF, BSPT,  ME, NPT, UNC, UNF, (U)NS, Whitworth & Whitworth Form in Cut Carbon Steel.


Most sizes and types of thread forms are available in First Taper (Taper), Second Taper (Intermediate) and Plug (Bottom) Taps, Split Dies & Die Nuts.*


* Please see induvidual thread form for full range availability.


*We keep a large selection in our store, but some items are manufactured to order, so please call the store prior to your departure if you intend to collect.

Metric - Coarse

Size Range:


Metric Course : M2 - M52


Metric - Fine

Size Range:


Metric Fine :     M2 - M40


B.A. (British Association)

Size Range:


B.A:              No.0 - 12


B.S.Brass (British Standard Brass)

Size Range:


Brass:              1/4" - 3/4"


B.S.Cycle (British Standard Cycle)

Size Range:


BS Cycle:              1/4" - 1/2"


NOTE: No Die Nuts available for B.S. Cycle Threads.


B.S.F. (British Standard Fine)

Size Range:


B.S.F:              1/16" - 2"


B.S.P.F. (British Standard Pipe - Parallel Fixed)

Size Range:


B.S.P.F:              1/8" - 2"



B.S.P.T. (British Standard Pipe - Tapered)

Size Range:


B.S.P.T:              1/8" - 2"



B.S.W. (British Standard Whitworth)

Size Range:


B.S.W:              1/16" - 2"


M.E. (Model Engineer)

Size Range:


Brass:              1/8" - 3/8"


N.P.T. (National Pipe Thread)

Size Range:


N.P.T:              1/8" - 2"



U.N.C. (Unified National Coarse)

Size Range:


U.N.C:              No. 0 - 12

                         1/4" - 2"


U.N.F. (Unified National Fine)

Size Range:


U.N.F:              No. 0 - 12

                         1/4" - 2"


(U).N.S. (Unified National Special - 8 Threads Per Inch)

Size Range:


U.N.(S):             1- 1/8" - 2"



W.F. (Whitworth Form)

Size Range:


W.F:              7/32" - 1/2"


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