This unique planer has two great features that makes it stand out from the crowd!!

Firstly, due to it's flush edge design, you are able to produce a near unlimited rebate cut, even continuing to rebate where 1/2" shank routers cannot go. Secondly, the blade cutter drum can be completely removed and replaced with a interchangeable sanding drum to turn the planer into a parallel base sander.

The planer has THREE cutter blades with 17-position depth control for precise material removal from 0-3mm, A safety lock-off switch and a low-vibration front handle for added comfort.
The planer has left or right rear dust extraction and a Power indicator to show power is present in the planer.

Product Features: 
• 0 - 3mm Adjustable depth of cut allows removal in one pass 
• Variable speed control adjusts the drum speed to suit the material 
• 3-Blade drum provides a higher rate of material removal (46,500 cuts per minute) 
• Bail handle for improved ergonomics and increased control 
• Left or right rear dust extraction allows the dust/chips to be directed to either side of the workpiece 
• Drum guard protects against exposed blades when rebating 
• Spindle lock button for easy drum changes 
• Parking stand protects the blades and workpiece from damage on run down 
• Power-on neon increases operator safety 

Included Accessories: Sanding drum with sanding sleeve 
Dust extraction bag and adaptor 
Guide fence 
(Planing drum (HSS 3 blade) on machine)

TRPUL - Unlimited Rebate Plane (230v)

  • Specifications: Power: 750W Planing Depth: 0 - 3mm Planing Width: 82mm No Load Speed: 15,500rpm Cuts Per Minute: 46,500cpm Blade Type: 3 x 82mm Reversible (HSS) Product Weight: 3.9kg Power On Indicator: Yes Product Height: 165mm Product Length: 300mm Product Width: 170mm