The Sealey threaded nut rivet gun allows the user to mount threaded bolts into sheet material or hollow sections. A rivet nut is the most versatile solution for fastening high-strength nut or bolt threads to components when tapped threads are not possible due to small wall thicknesses.
A rivet nut can easily be used in metal or plastic components as well as in many other material combinations.
Often used for hollow bodies, profiles, housings and/or components with one-sided accessibility.

The Sealey gun has a strong body design and rubber handle grips provide effortless functionally suitable for aluminium nut rivets only.

The gun is supplied complete with 40 assorted rivet nuts (flat head profile). 

Threaded Nut Riveter M3-M6

  • Technical Specification Rivet Nut Sizes: M3x0.5 M4x0.7 M5x0.8 M6x1.0 Rivet Nut Type: Aluminium Rivet Nuts Only. Overall Length: 255mm