90mm HSS Segment Blade.

This is the ideal blade for linear & plunge cutting in  timber, fibreglass, non-ferrous & thin sheet metal, gypsum board and other resistance materials.  

Very tidy cutting with minimal dust.

The SMART® Trade range provides the professional D.I.Y er excellent quality and range of multi-tool accessories combing attractive value for money and performance.

Smart Trade 90mm HSS Segment Sawblade

  • Blade Diameter: 90mm Max Depth of Cut: 31mm Blade Fitting: SMTX PLUS – Open backed blade. The SMTX-PLUS fitting provides a positive fixture for most types of mount design used in most types of Multi-tool machines. It can accommodate machines with locating pins around the outer diameter, the central star shape as well as the internal hexagon blade fittings as well as the Multi-tools that use the “open backed” blade where the blade is attached to the tool without removing the outer blade clamp.