Welcome to the ULTIMATE nail cutting blade, don't hold back, remove that inner fear and throw your worst at the NAIL BUSTER EXTREME!

Nails killing your blades?………..not anymore!

Invariably you need to cut nails and sometime even screws with your multi-tool and this has been a killer for blades.

When cutting nails, deck screws, steel and copper pipe, 6mm bolts you won’t get a better performing blades than the SMART® “Nail Buster Extreme’ series.

Heats kills blades. 

Less friction = Longer life………. That is exactly what the titanium coating does, it reduces friction which therefore reduces the heat which gives you maximum blade life!

Smart 44mm Wide NAIL BUSTER EXTREME Blade

  • Blade Width: 44mm Max Depth of Cut: 54mm Blade Fitting: The SMART SMTX, provides a positive fixture for 3 types of mount design in all types of Multi-tool accessories. It can accommodate machines with locating pins around the outer diameter, the central star shape as well as the internal hexagon.