A range of accessories for the SJA300 SuperJaws XXL portable Clamping System.

Please select the accessory required via the drop-down menu.

SJAEB - 600mm Extension Bars
2 x 600mm extension bars for mounting side & roller support accessories to the SJA SuperJaws XXL. The extension bars are fitted with ABS plastic end caps and are used to help support larger work pieces. PLEASE NOTE: The extension Bars Must be used in conjunction with the SJABC -  Bar Clamps.

SJABC - Bar Clamps
The Bar clamps are used in conjunction with the SJAEB - Extension Bars. The they prevent movement of the extension bars whilst in use. Made of robust steel, the bar clamps have a quick release toggle lever for tool free, quick adjustment.

SJASS - Side Support
Provides support for longer materials. Robust steel construction. Protective plastic covers decrease friction when sliding workpieces over the support, and prevent them from being scratched. 202 x 48 x 157mm. For use with Triton SuperJaws XXL.

SJARD - Roller Support
The roller support provides support & easy movement of larger work pieces, Made of robust steel construction with an aluminium roller, the support has a foldable bar stop for repetition cutting work. The support is height adjustable and features the tool-free toggle locking lever as on the bar clamps. 

SJA300 SuperJaws XXL Accessories