A range of accessories for the SJA200 SuperJaws portable Clamping System.

Please select the accessory required via the drop-down menu.

SJA460 - Log Jaws
Teeth give a tenacious grip for chainsaw work and drilling, sawing or rebating timber logs up to approx. 300mm (12") in diameter.
Product Features: 
• Serrated teeth prevent slippage or rolling 
• Fits on SuperJaws in place of standard urethane jaws 
• Formed from steel plate and zinc-plated for corrosion resistance 
• Strong jaws for working on logs and poles up to approx. 300mm / 12" diameter 
• Ideal for chain sawing, drilling, fastening or carving work 

SJA470 - Engineers Jaws
Bolt-on jaws and anvil face for heavy duty metal work. Manufactured from strong, ductile cast iron and shaped to increase grip on pipe or bar (up to 50mm, 2" dia).
Product Features: 
• Shaped to increase grip when clamping pipe or round sections up to 50mm 
• Fits quickly in place of Superjaws urethane jaw facings 
• Tough cast iron jaws and anvil face for heavy duty metal work 
• Easy to fit and remove 
• 50mm / 2" capacity 

SJA420 - Tool Tray / Work Support
Use to keep tools handy or as an additional work support. For use with SuperJaws portable clamping system (SJA200) only.
Product Features: 
• Provides extra support for large workpieces 
• Robust and hardwearing 
• Easy to fit and remove 
• Compatible with Triton SuperJaws SJA200 

SJA200 SuperJaws Accessories