The Mini Multi Angle Welding Clamp offers 45°, 60°, 75° and 90° angles with a vertical breakaway of 40kg (90lb) on 1/4" steel. Features Magswitch technology for complete on/off control. Strong, compact and lightweight for smaller jobs. Attaches to flat or rounded surfaces.

•On/Off Magswitch Magnet that truly stays clean
•Strong hold –powered by 36Kg (80 lbs) Magswitch
•Pipe notch for attaching to Pipe
•Benefits: Holds common angles with superb strength
•Gets into the smallest places
•On/Off allows precise placement
•Fast 90 and 45 degree angles for small pieces
•Accommodates flat and pipe

Productivity Advantage:
•Magswitch stays clean.
•No wasted time clearing metal chips off the square for use.
•No replacing a crud caked magnet every 3 months. Buy it once! Buy Magswitch.

Safety Advantage:

Ever get a metal chip stuck in your finger or cutting you? With Magswitch, chips really fall off easily when the Magswitch is turned off.

You don’t have to fight the tool to use it.

Mini Multi Angle Welding Clamp

  • Specification: Max Breakaway: 40 kg / 90 lbs Max Safe Shear: 6 lbs/2.7 kg Net Weight: 0.4 lbs/0.2 kg Overall Height: 65 mm Magnetic Pole Footprint: 32 mm x 72 mm