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* Subject to terms & conditions - max 1 jig per person.

The bridek Concealed Hinge Drilling Jig Kit is suitable for use with most manufacturers of 35mm Blum* type concealed hinges.
The UK designed (Design Registration Pending) and manufactured jig allows the user to repetitively drill accurate holes in cupboard doors without the risk of drill bit slippage.

Simple to use - the jig is designed to lock where the hinge needs to be fitted, without the chance of movement (once clamped into place) Location stops rest against the edge of the cupboard door to help prevent mis-alignment and produce accurate holes every time.

This kit is supplied complete with a 35mm Lip & Spur T.C.T. Concealed Hinge Cutting Bit, drilling depth stop for accurate repeat depth controlled drilling and Two G Clamps for safely and securely clamping down the Jig.

*Blum is the registered trade make of Julius Blum GmbH

Hinge Jig Kit C/W 35mm Cutter, Depth St & Clamps

  • Set Includes: 1 x Concealed Hinge Drilling Jig 1 x 35mm Lip & Spur T.C.T. Drill Bit 1 x Depth Stop (for 35mm Drill Bit) 2 x G Clamps (Max grip 50mm) Jig Capacities: Hole size: 35mm Max Inset Depth : 60mm