This versatile plunge and trimmer 710W router with precision-machined router body and adjuster mechanisms for increased service life. The router has a high quality durable enamel finish on most cast metal parts. Thick insulated rubber panels on router and trimmer base for an easy grip. Powerful 710w motor with constant speed regulation, so the router will not slow down under load and variable speed control with 6 numbered positions for easy speed matching of cutter to material.


The Plunge Base with dual handles, 40mm plunge depth with micro-adjuster, 3 height adjustable turret stops and easy accessory and guide bush fitting. 


Trimmer base features 25mm height adjustment and easy accessory and guide bush fitting.

The router kit includes 1/4” and 8mm collets, trimmer dust port, parallel, circle and roller guides, collet spanner and soft carry case.

GR710 - 1/4" Plunge & Trimmer Router (230v)

  • Specification Motor: 710w Speed Range: 10,000-32,000 Rpm Collets: 1/4" & 8mm Max. Plunge Movement: 40mm Max. Trimming Height Adjustment: 25mm