This powerful 1/2" plunge router with high efficiency 1800W motor. The router has a 18-step constant electronic speed control to allow speed changes from 9,000 up to 27,000rpm via its LCD speed display, this allows the user unlike most other brands of router to know or set the desired or required speed accurately. The speed memory returns the router to the set speed when it is used for intermittent process work. The router has Soft-grip insulated micro-dot handles for comfort and control.

The router has easy-fit collets, 55mm plunge depth and 6-position turret stop, Self-locking plunge lever, Micro-adjusters for depth and spindle lock for easier cutter changing.

The router comes complete with:
parallel Side Fence
Trimmer roller Guide
circle cutting Attachment,
3 collets, (1/4", 8mm, 1/2")
30mm guide bush

GER1800 - 1/2" Plunge Router (230v)

  • Specification Motor: 1800w Speed: 9,000 - 27,000 Rpm Max: Plunge Depth: 55mm Collets: 1/4" - 8mm - 1/2" Weight: 5.5 Kg