This German designed, well proven attachment will help take away the guess work when drilling holes in woods, plastics, Wall & floor tiles and even metal tubing. Simply fit your electric drill (with 43mm front collar) to the guide clamp and it's ready for use.Drill guide's bars drop through the base plate to allow holes to be drilled at an angle as well as allowing you to drill holes at the absolute centre of plank edges. You can drill walls perfectly horizontally or cut circles using a Holesaw without using the centre drill without the risk of slipping, making ideal for use with diamond tile drills bits.The base is fitted with vee-grooves for drilling rods and tubes. The guide is also supplied with an auxiliary side handle and a depth stop to aid use.

Drill Guide (43mm Collar)

  • Technical Specification Drill collar attachment size: 43mm Angles achievable : 0 - 30 - 45 - 60 Deg Approximate Plunge Depth: 100 (Dependant on Drill used) Base Plate Aperture: 75mm