360-Degree Clamping Station
 This unique clamp glides along the Klamp Trak™ or secures to the Klamp Plate™ to provide an amazingly versatile 360-degree clamping station wherever you need one. Simply remove the Bench Klamp™ to regain your perfectly flush work surface.

Auto-Adjust Technology
These clamps feature auto-adjust technology, eliminating the need to readjust the clamp for every change in material thickness. Just squeeze the padded handles and the clamp locks your material to your benchtop, no matter what the thickness. Automaxx® Bench Klamps™ automatically adjust to the material thickness, whether it’s thick, thin, or in between. You can clamp a 2x4 and then a piece of 1/2" plywood without ever readjusting the clamp.

Easy-to-Regulate Clamping Pressure
With Automaxx® Bench Klamps™ it’s easy to regulate clamping pressure. Auto-Adjust technology maintains the desired force every time. Just set your desired pressure by turning the thumbscrew for more or less pressure. Once the pressure is set, the clamp maintains consistent clamping pressure with every thickness.

Heavy-Duty Construction
Automaxx® Bench Klamps™ feature heavy-duty, all-metal construction to withstand years of rugged use. They also have ergonomic padded grips for comfort and ease-of-use, as well as an extra-large padded clamp face.

Automaxx® Benchtop Clamping Station
You can create an Automaxx® Benchtop Clamping Station on your workbench with a Klamp Plate™, or along the entire length of your workbench with the Klamp Trak™ (sold separately). Each Klamp System™ component was designed to meet your unique clamping needs.

Automaxx® Bench Klamp™ - 152mm / 6" Reach

  • Specification Reach: 152mm (6") Clamping Capacity: Materials up to 114mm (4-1/2") thick Clamp Body: Heavy duty, all-metal construction Handles: Ergonomic shape with padded grips