When you want the durability and adjustability of Automaxx® Clamping, but you need more clamping capacity, turn to Automaxx® Bar Clamps.

All-new Automaxx® Bar Clamps feature the same auto-adjusting technology as Kreg Automaxx® Bench Klamps™ and Automaxx® Face Clamps, allowing you to clamp a variety of materials and assemblies with strong, consistent clamping pressure.

Auto-Adjust Technology
 Automaxx® Bar Clamps automatically adjust to your material thickness, whether it’s thick, thin, or in between. Clamp quickly and easily by simply sliding the clamp heads against your workpiece, and then squeezing the handle to close the clamp with consistent pressure every time.

Easy-to-Regulate Clamping Pressure
 Setting the clamping pressure is simple, too. Just set the desired pressure using an easy-to-regulate thumbscrew, and Automaxx® Bar Clamps do the rest—locking closed easily and consistently every time.

Highly Durable & Versatile
 Automaxx® Bar Clamps feature a highly durable, all-metal construction to withstand years of rugged use. Their ergonomic padded grips provide comfort and ease-of-use, while extra-large clamp faces spread clamping pressure evenly.

Automaxx™ Bar Clamp 400mm/16" Cap.

  • Specification Reach: 57mm / 2.1/4" Clamping Capacity: 406mm / 16" Clamping Pressure: Up to 250Kg / 550 lbs. Clamp Faces: Extra large for even clamping pressure Construction Material: Highly durable, all-metal construction