************ 7pc Blade Set ***********

Set consists of:

2 x 32mm Blade
2 x 44mm Blade
2 x 63mm Blade
1 x 90mm Segment Saw Blade

Supplied in a plastic storage box

The ‘Purple Series’ blades have not only been designed to give perfect cutting performance in a wide range of timber and plastics, but the advanced Titanium Alloy coating, also means these blades will last longer than any ordinary timber blade, and outlast any other bi-metal blade when it comes to cutting nails, screws and other non ferrous metals!

The Bi-Metal blade with the latest technology 'PURPLE TITANIUM COATING' for cutting metal, nail embedded wood and plastic, providing extreme performance and longer lifetime.

The PURPLE TITANIUM COATING shows purplish bronze colour and hardness of surface can reach the highest HRC80 with a 0.4 coefficient of friction.

PURPLE TITANIUM coating’s improved ductility makes it is an excellent choice for interrupted cutting operations.

PURPLE TITANIUM coating’s superior thermal stability provides unparalleled oxidation resistance

7pc Titanium Alloy/Bi-Metal Blade Set