Coolair mops are sometimes called bias cloth mops, these mops are a very poplar design for polishing metal, plastics, lacquers and woods in all industries.

The ripple effect on the polishing mop gives a spacing between cloth sections which then when run helps to keep the work piece cooler than a standard mop construction.

Our UK manufactured Coolair mops are fitted with a new metal center, each inner section has a center plate and the rivets pass through each section for a very secure fixing. This mean there is no risk of the Coolair mop spinning. This new design allows more cloth to be fitted than standard card stapled centered Coolairs mops as well as being a much improved as well as safer and more robust design.

Please Note: A section is approximately 12mm/ 1/2" wide

250mm/10" Coolair Mop (25mm/2 Section)