This rotary Multi-purpose high-speed power tool is fitted with a electronic variable speed control that gives stepless control between 8000 and 35000rpm. The tool is fitted with a spindle lock for fast tool changes. Also included within the kit is a flexible grinding shaft for working in difficult to reach areas or on small intricate pieces without having to grip the tool itself. The tool is supplied with a full range of tips, wheels, sanding discs/bands, dressing stone,chuck spanner. The rotary Multi-tool is suitable for carving, shaping, de-burring, drilling, engraving, cutting as well as tool sharpening, and is supplied in carry-case.

219pc - Multi-Purpose Rotary Tool & Engraving Kit

  • Technical Specification: Motor Power: 170W Voltage: 230V Speed Range: 8000-35000rpm Accessories Supplied * Collets: 1.5mm, 2.3mm (x2), 3.2mm Twist Drills: 1.5mm (x2), 2.3mm (x2), 3.2mm (x2) Mounted Points: 10 Diamond Tipped Engraving Heads: 5 Sanding Cylinder: 6.4 x 12.7mm, 12.7 x 12.7mm Sanding Bands (12pc) Grinding Wheels (12pc) Felt Wheels (6pc) Cut-Off Wheels (35pc) Cut-Off Wheel Heavy-Duty (30pc) Sanding Disc 180Grit (36pc) Sanding Disc 320Grit (36pc) Steel Wire Brush (3pc) Brass Wire Brush (3pc) Nylon End Brush Fibreglass Cut-Off Wheels (5pc) Cloth Wheel, Rubber Emery Wheel Flap Wheel Dressing Stone Flexible Rotary Shaft Spanner Spindle Lock Key Polishing Compound HSS Cutter Mandrels (4pc) * Quantities or accessories may be subject to change without prior notification.