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magswitch - Revolutionary Technology


Magswitch is a patented mechanical device that allows magnets to be switched on and off without the need for power or electricity. Powerful, compact and easily controlled, Magswitch has revolutionised an endless list of workshop applications.


Magswitch Technology is a technology company headquartered near Denver, Colorado USA. Magswitch Technology has designed and developed a new technology in switchable magnetics. This new technology has allowed us to introduce products into the market that are literally “Changing the way things are done”. In the beginning, technology drove the company’s corporate strategies, with a business model focused on protection of its “simple but elegant” magnetic technology. Today, with numerous patents and patents pending in all industrialized markets across the globe, Magswitch has evolved into an integrated business. In addition to research and development, Magswitch now delivers product design and engineering, manufacturing, and product distribution globally.


Please Note:

Not all magswitch items shown within the website are available in-store, please contact the store to confirm availability prior to your departure if you wish to collect.

Product design & specification is subject to change without prior notification.

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