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Whether you are cutting, joining, or sanding, Kreg® Clamps will help you get the job done right. Be sure to check out Kreg's Klamp and the new Automaxx® Clamps. Their auto-adjust technology will make all of your clamping tasks fast and foolproof.

The 'Klamp' Difference

Do your clamps frustrate you? If you’re like most woodworkers, finding the perfect clamp for the job is never easy. Most of the time, it seems like the clamp you need won’t let you work where you want to… Your C-clamp only works at the edge of your workbench, your bench dogs only work where you’ve got pre-drilled holes, and it goes on. The Kreg Klamp System™ lets you work wherever you need to most. Utilizing a simple technology called Inter-Lok™, Klamp System™ components let you add a clamping station just about anywhere – even at the very center of your workbench – without having to lose your perfectly flat work surface.


Bench Klamps™

Automaxx® Bench Klamps™ offer a fast, foolproof solution for benchtop clamping, thanks to their innovative auto-adjust technology. Easily clamp thin or thick materials to a bench or tabletop without ever adjusting the clamps! We also offer traditional Kreg® Bench Klamps™ in 3" reach, 6" reach, and more.


Automaxx® Face Clamps

Automaxx® Face Clamps feature new technology that adjusts the clamps automatically, eliminating the need to readjust the clamp for every change in material thickness. Just squeeze the padded handles and the clamp locks closed, no matter what the thickness.


Automaxx® Bar Clamps

All-new Automaxx® Bar Clamps feature the same auto-adjusting technology and solid-steel construction as Kreg Automaxx® Bench Klamps™ and Face Clamps, allowing you to clamp a variety of materials and assemblies with strong, consistent clamping pressure.


Corner Clamps

Joining workpieces at 90-degree angles is easy, with the help of Kreg® Corner Clamps! Choose from the Right Angle Clamp, 90-Degree Corner Clamp, or both!

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