Simbles of Watford Circa 1950

Simbles Circa 1950

Since 1947, Simbles have been at the hub of the tool and machinery trade. In recent years we have also branched into the supply of equipment for the repair and maintenance of Air-conditioning equipment, car maintenance as well as hardware products and Blade Sharpening Services

We have a specialist-sourcing department that is able to obtain all those hard or sometimes impossible to get items from around the world, as well as a specialist procurement division for Television and Film production (prop manufacture, model making, set manufacturing, special effects and set dressing), Rail Transportation maintenance as well as an experienced export department.


We are also able to supply a large range of Hardware, Specialist Safety and P.P.E. Products.


We are able to supply most items by mail order and we accept all major credit & debit cards including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit as well as Paypal.


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Simbles of Watford Circa 1984

Simbles Circa 1984